What Will She Wear Wednesday

Thursday, January 7, 2010
Please forgive my tardiness! We had to prepare for the wonderful cold snap we're now going through - hello 3 degree wind chill - and had to take our dogs to the groomers and give them a DIY bath. I should've recorded our grooming attempt, it might have gone viral! Just ask Suzi. After that fun time we headed to Lowes to get some covering for our outside pipes (nothing like waiting until the last possible minute) and they were all out - 600 covers that morning all gone by noon! They were very helpful though and showed my hubby some insulation he could use so we bought some of that for ourselves and my mother-in-law. To show her thanks she bought us dinner at Texas Roadhouse - love their rolls and cheese fries! So after dinner we headed over to her house and my hubby installed the insulation and we finally headed home. So without further ado what I wore yesterday:

I had to take a pic of my Christmas present I got from my wonderful neighbor and friend, not only because I ♥ the Longhorns but they're also playing tonight! Hook 'em Horns! This is the bag I take to the courthouse currently it's holding my current read Blood Promise and some snacks and of course Artoo and PE.

I'm also wearing my creamy Ralph Lauren sweater it's a bit lighter than my other bulky sweaters, but the temp got up to about 58 degrees so I was comfortable - unlike today! I have on my usual Lee Rider jeans and making their first appearance ( I think ) my Uggs! I got these last Christmas and everyone loves to joke with me about my 'Eskimo' boots. Who's laughing now? Not me 'cuz my feet are nice and warm in this 20 degree temp we're having. So there you have it. What I wore...yesterday!


Cari at: January 7, 2010 at 3:22 PM said...

I want some uggs! Love the sweater :)

Karm at: January 8, 2010 at 4:00 PM said...

awesome outfit... i'm still wearing my 4 inch heels... its chilly but not as cold as your weather =D

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